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Clean Out Your Closet & Discover New Outfits

May 11, 2016
Does your closet look like the above photo? If so, welcome to the club! Most of us have been there, done that and bought the t-shirt ... and we still have the t-shirt that is all ratty and should be thrown away! There's nothing like cleaning out your closet and re-arranging it. Really. I'm serious.…
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Arguments for Dressing-Up at Work

May 3, 2016
I was recently asked to contribute to an article on written by Sam Mallikarjunan about people that dress-up to go to work even though they don't have to. Since the editor just took a small piece, I thought I'd share the rest of it here. Sam sent over a few questions. Here they are along…
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A Whole “New” Closet and a Whole New Me…

March 21, 2016
When Kevin and I started studying for our Personal Image Consultant certification, I never expected that what I would learn would change how I feel about me.  I could not have imagined all of the technicalities involved with dressing your best for your body type.  The biggest item that I learned, which changed how I…
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What You Wear Affects How You Think & Perform, and How Others Perceive You

January 21, 2016
Here's quite an interesting bookmark I just ran across from 2012 from The New York Times. Most important quotes follow if you don't read the whole article. We think not just with our brains but with our bodies. Our thought processes are based on physical experiences, and those experiences include the clothes we wear. "I…
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