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May 11, 2016

Does your closet look like the above photo? If so, welcome to the club! Most of us have been there, done that and bought the t-shirt ... and we still have the t-shirt that is all ratty and should be thrown away! There's nothing like cleaning out your closet and re-arranging it. Really. I'm serious. I know, that seems like saying; "there's nothing like getting a root canal without novocaine." Can it be painful? You bet! However, there are amazing results that you probably haven't realized.

  • You Can Breathe Again -
    • Getting rid of clutter and excess "stuff" is like a weight being lifted off your chest.
  • Get $$$ or New Stuff for Free Through Consignment -
    • Get money for some of your clothes, or credit towards items in the store.
  • Discover New Outfits without having to buy anything -
    • Mix & Match new combinations from items you already own.

So, I finally decided that I had waaaay too many clothes. (My friends that have been to my condo are probably laughing right now.) Yeah, it was ridiculous. My closet was overflowing, and I had two clothing racks full of clothes in my home office. I got one of them emptied and we use it when we do a closet edit for clients now. Yay!

Closet Audit St. Petersburg, FL

To get started I asked myself:

  1. What have I not worn in over a year?
  2. What doesn't fit anymore?
  3. What do I not even like?
  4. Which clothes don't look good on me?
  5. What is torn, ripped, or stained?

Using the above criteria, questions 1-4 will collect all of the clothes that are potential consignment items. Damaged items should be donated.

Donating is another benefit of a closet audit that you may not have thought of. It really makes you feel good to know that you helped someone in need.

Consignment! I never knew it could be so much fun!

I took a ton of stuff to McB's Men's Clothing, (1045 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL 33705). At the time, my only motivation was to get my closet edit done and get rid of all this extra stuff. Then, about a month later, I'm passing by McB's and decide to pop in just to say hello. A few items caught my eye. They have amazing deals on great designer brands at a fraction of the original retail price. I bring my items to the register to pay for them, and I am thrilled to find out that I have enough credit from the sale of my items that I don't have to pay anything! Awesome! It's like getting FREE STUFF!

Creating New Outfits with Current Items

After several items are cleared out, now I can better see what I have that works, and I can see what I am missing. What's really fun is creating new outfits from things I already have by mixing and matching pieces that I haven't previously put together. It's just as refreshing as getting new clothes. And when it's time to buy new attire, I know what I'm missing, and what I don't need, thereby saving time and money.

Do you have a closet full of things that you never wear, don't fit, or still have tags on them?

Do you have clothes where you have no idea what you were thinking when you bought them, and stuff just taking up space?

It's definitely not easy editing your own closet, but we here at Immaculate Style can help. If you want to know how we would conduct a closet edit for you, click here to read about how it works and what the fee is.

Your Secret Weapon for Success - Immaculate Style - Image Experts. Kevin Godbee & Lori Brown

Your Secret Weapon for Success - Immaculate Style - Image Experts.
Kevin Godbee & Lori Brown

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