Professional Sports Star Branding


You're a competitive team player with a killer instinct and fierce drive to succeed. You are practiced and coached to perfection, and motivated to win.

However, once you are off the field, you're in a new game with different rules and a different uniform. The best professional athletes win at this game too. This is the game of Professional Sports Star Branding, where you are fulfilling a completely different role than you do when you are on the field.

The most successful professional athletes position themselves so they can take on new roles during their prime playing years, and even more importantly, when they are ready to hang-up their number for the last time.

Taking control of, and building your Professional Sports Star Brand Image can offer you the choices of; Paid Product Endorsements, being a Brand Spokesperson, Paid Personal Appearances, being a TV Sportscaster, or even roles outside of sports, such as television and movies, advertising, PR, and modeling. (You'll probably end up with a really hot mate too, if you don't already have one.)

We here at Immaculate Style will be your new coach for your off-the-field game. As an athlete, you likely already know the challenges of finding clothes that fit you well and look good on you at the same time. We are experts at making you look your best for your body type, proportions, size, and coloring.

We will spend time with you one-on-one and get to know you as a person to help refine your unique personal style and brand image.

An athlete's image and ability to communicate are key to his success as a professional. You will receive coaching for public appearances and speaking as well.

You can utilize our services of Styling, Closet Editing, and Personal Shopping (we will shop for you, or with you). We are also affiliated with outside services for hair styling, professional photo shoots and even home decor if you so choose.

We are committed to helping our athletes succeed both on and off the field. Contact us now for a consultation.

Here are some of the most stylish athletes in sports today.

David Beckham

Cam Newton

Dwyane Wade

Cristiano Ronaldo

Tom Brady

Let us help you kick your game up a notch. Contact us now for a consultation.