You can decide to employ our services on an à la carte basis (listed below), or you can choose from any of our package deals by clicking here.

À la carte Services:

Personal Style Definition / Consultation - $250
(1-2 hours maximum)

There are 7 Universal Styles and each one has its unique set of strengths and inherent message(s) that it sends to our surrounding world.  The 7 Universal Styles are: Sporty, Traditional, Elegant, Romantic, Alluring, Creative, and Dramatic. YOU have a Classic Core style, and two non-classic Accent Styles. We'll discover yours, and tell you what they communicate to the world, the pros and cons, how to dress for your unique style, and where to shop. We will also show you how to dress for your body type in a way that best flatters you.

Closet Edit ( of which Wardrobe Analysis and Outfit Creation are part of) - $600
(3-4 hours maximum)

We'll help you figure out what to get rid of, what to keep, donate or shop for.

We will help you streamline your wardrobe, and then we will shop right inside of your closet to show you how to mix and match things you never thought of, creating new outfits you never knew you had.

Here's how a Closet Edit works.

1. Purging of unneeded and unnecessary items.

2. Show you how you can create outfits with the remaining clothing.

3. Organizing the clothes back into the closet in a way that helps you get dressed more easily. We will photograph all outfits so you can refer back to them.

4. Build a shopping list of any needed items to fill in any gaps.

Personal Shopping - $600
(Up to 1.5 hours pre-shopping / research + 3 hours maximum shopping with you)

Let us be your compass in the retail jungle of fashion, and help you hunt down the right items to express your own personal style that's right for you.

Come shopping with us, and we will teach you how to shop more efficiently. While trying on different clothes, we will teach you why things work for you, and why other items should be avoided—based on fit, proportions and color.

We will also help make sure that you have essential items, and interchangeable pieces to maximize the most amount of outfits with the least amount of clothes.

The above prices are based on our standard hourly rate of $150 per hour when working individually with either Lori or Kevin. (Most clients usually work with just one of us.) In the rare case that you would like to utilize Lori and Kevin working together as a team, the hourly rate is $300.

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*Please note: Depending on location, a nominal travel charge may apply.

Let us help you make the most of YOUR style that's right for you!

Looking your best will help you to feel  your best and the rest of the world will take notice.

  • Get that promotion.
  • Sell that million dollar house.
  • Land that job.
  • Have people looking to you for advice.
  • Have greater confidence.
  • Attract the opposite sex.

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