Hair & Make-up

Professional Hair Stylist & Makeup Artists Tampa / St. PeteHair Stylist & Makeup Artists Tampa / St. Pete

During your consultation we will discover lines and patterns in your face that will point us in the direction of hair styles that will convey the best you.  Our team of hair experts will be able to analyze your features and along with your input and our analysis, create the perfect cut and look for you.

For women, along with hair, make-up techniques and colors can be overwhelming.  Our make-up artists will use your color analysis to help you achieve several different looks from professional to daytime to night out on the town.  They will even teach you how to mix in colors from other palettes, other than those that are best suited for you, to give you more options.

You will be given styling/make-up techniques and tools to maintain your new look on your own. Because if you can't master it is doesn’t matter what professionals do. We are committed to helping you be the best you in all aspects of your life.

Note: When traveling to meet clients in different cities we will work with the client’s own stylist/make-up artist or seek out a reputable salon that will choose a professional who will be the best fit.