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Image is Everything ...

                                   ... You only have 7-seconds to make a first impression.

Dressing right doesn't mean always having to wear a jacket and tie ... (although you should probably get beyond a t-shirt and jeans once in awhile ... and God forbid cargo shorts!) We can help you find a way to look, feel and be your best in a way that suits your lifestyle, hobbies, career, and goals.

Whether you want to climb the corporate ladder, get lots of dates, gain credibility, are looking for prestige, or want to express your individuality, our Certified Personal Image Consultants for Men will make it fun and easy for you to brand yourself to get what you want out of life.

Reaching your goals takes time and effort, and we can help you find the time you need by putting together outfits, shopping for you, organizing your closet—and keep you looking amazing and confident in every aspect of your life including your personal, professional, and love life.

Confidence · Poise · Social Grace - These are the 3-keys that we will help you achieve through our professional image consulting services for men. We will help you find your own personal style that works best for you—helping you accentuate your best features while de-emphasizing your less flattering attributes. No matter which body-type you have, we will help you look and feel better.

Fashion comes and goes with the seasons and the whims of designers. Style, on the other hand is permanent. Style is also personal. Let us help you find your own personal style that works for you.

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