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Personal Shoppers St. Petersburg

After we assess your unique style needs and finish your Closet Revitalization, it's time to go shopping. We can save you time by shopping for you, or if you would like to shop together, we can do that too. (You can also utilize our shopping service to find gifts for different holidays and special occasions.)

In addition to the time savings, a personal shopper can help you navigate the tricky waters of retail fashion.

Unfortunately, in today's world, many of the employees in men's and women's clothing stores are motivated by sales, commissions,  and the here today / gone tomorrow latest fashion trends. Few of them are trained in style, proportion, line, and color as it relates to your unique needs. We know the right questions to ask and what to look for to determine if the clothes, shoes, and other accessories are worth the prices they demand.

We will put together different outfits and provide you with photos for reference. Let us be your compass in the retail jungle of fashion, and help you hunt down the right items to express your own personal style that's right for you.

See our Packages and Rates, or Contact Us for a free 15-minute consultation. Feel free to fill out our Personal Shopping Questionnaire by clicking here.