Professional Photoshoots for Online Profiles and Bios

Professional Photoshoots for Online Bios & Profiles

Even though the iPhone camera keeps getting better and better, if your online presence is really important to you, investing in a professional photoshoot is a must. Competition is fierce out there! Whether you are competing for a promotion at your job, a date with the hottie or hunk on the block, or an entrepreneur trying to gain business—if you really want to kick it up a notch on your competition, have a professional photoshoot done. With all of the views your photos will receive over a couple of years on your website and social media presences—amortizing the costs makes a professional photoshoot the most economical investment in your image that you will ever make.

Of course, before scheduling for photos, we'll want to make sure that you are camera-ready with your image makeover or polishing-up already done.

When you utilize any of our image consulting services, you receive a discounted rate on your photo shoot.

B.Lively Images

Our official house photographer for Immaculate Style is B.Lively Images. If you have been around Downtown St. Petersburg, you have probably seen Barry Lively in action. He photographs several clothing boutiques, restaurants, homes, individuals and all kinds of businesses. Most of the photos on this website were done by Barry.

Barry Lively began B.Lively Images in 2011 after moving from Tampa to St. Petersburg. His photography and videography success comes from composing shots that deliver the true expression of the subject. Barry has found that thru collaborating with the subject, hair, makeup artists, creative consultants and other talented photographers/videographers a more visually pleasing result can be achieved.

  • Social
  • Architectural
  • Natural

- are the three pillars of B.Lively Images

The Social photography is providing coverage for personal and corporate events, runway modeling, weddings, and more.

The Architectural side of the photography covers new homes, remodels and commercial properties.

The Natural side of the photography is driven toward portraiture, products, landscapes and food.

Capturing your new IMMACULATE STYLE is vital to bringing the full dimension of what you have achieved.

Barry Lively - Official House Photographer for Immaculate Style

Barry Lively - Official House Photographer for Immaculate Style