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Discovering your Universal Style can be a valuable tool in reaching your goals!

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At the bottom of this page is a link to our automated online Style Assessment Questionnaire where you will be able to discover your style instantly—and learn how to make it work for you! (It takes about 10 minutes.)

But first, a brief orientation is in order.

There are 7 Universal Styles, and we all have two or three of them that we combine to form our individual style.

The information presented here and the style assessment comes from the book: "StyleSource: The Power of the Seven Universal Styles for Women and Men" by Alyce Parsons

How does this work, and what's in it for you?

Do you need to be perceived as easily approachable?
Or perhaps it is important for you to send a message that you have credibility?
Maybe you have a job where your role requires you to exude an image of strength?

The styles which coincide with the three examples above are:

  • Sporty Style = Approachable
  • Traditional Style = Credibility
  • Dramatic Style = Strength

Each style has several attributes even though the previous examples just revealed one for each.

When your personal assessment is complete, you will receive a definition of your style along with the message it sends, and it's pros and cons. You will also be provided with a list of celebrities that share your style, along with a list of brands and places to shop.

The heptagon below shows the Seven Universal Styles. The three at the top; Sporty, Traditional, and Elegant are the Core Classic Styles. You should have at least one core classic style. The other four; Romantic, Alluring, Creative, and Dramatic are Accent Styles. You likely have two accent styles.

Scroll down to the link, and let's find out!

7 Universal Styles Heptagon

Find out what your styles are by completing our automated Style Assessment Form by clicking here. (You will get your results immediately.)