Traditional Style for Men

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Looking your best will help you to feel  your best and the rest of the world will take notice.

  • Get that promotion.
  • Sell that million dollar house.
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  • Have people looking to you for advice.
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The Traditional Style for Men

The Traditional Style is Conventional and Businesslike. It is a Core Classic Style.

Personality traits: trustworthy, loyal, responsible, reliable, consistent, dependable, organized, efficient, conscientious, honest.

Messaging: Through this style, one is communicating messages of trustworthiness and loyalty, accuracy, credibility, maturity, responsibility, organization, and honesty. Typically those who fall into this category are in finance, government, real estate, education, admin, or insurance-related fields.

Basic shape: modified rectangle with a slight indentation at the waist.

Basic colors: navy, gray, beige, luggage brown.

Basic Fabric: closely woven with body and substance; woolens, tweed, raw silk, double knits, gabardine.

Patterns: houndstooth, plaid, foulard, paisley, checks, stripes.

Hair: Simple and neat, short to medium in length, often parted on the side. Facial Hair: None.

Easily recognizable elements of Traditional Style are: A business-like image, always polished, neat and tidy; conservative with tailored lines, structured fabrics and shapes, in neutral and dark colors without any “flash” or bold details. (Think suits, straight trousers and blouses, skirts and classic shoes with no embellishments).

Where to shop: Brooks Brothers, Burberry, Geoffrey Beene, Hickey Freeman, Jos. A. Bank, Ralph Lauren Classics.

Celebrities that are Traditional are: Tom Hanks, James Stewart.

Pros: Practical, dependable image.

Cons: Too formal for casual events, may be considered "old fashioned" by the younger generation.

How We Meet Your Unique Needs

Areas of expertise:

  • Style consultations: Learn your body's proportions and how to mix that with your core style.
  • Closet revitalization: Get rid of the clutter and discover how to wear fantastic pieces you already own in many different ways.
  • Personal shopping: Learn how to shop to dress your unique body type in the most flattering way to match your lifestyle or let us do it for you.
  • Hair and makeup styling
  • Personal branding: for your unique style

We work with an array of people and professions:

  • Politicians
  • Realtors
  • Media personalities
  • Corporate professionals
  • Entrepreneurs & Business Owners
  • Professional speakers
  • Individuals who are tall, full-figured or petite
  • Exclusively with men, women, or couples together

Greater confidence will help you gain the recognition you deserve both in your career and your personal life.  Why should good things come to everyone else?  Don't wait! It's your turn!!

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