A Whole “New” Closet and a Whole New Me…

March 21, 2016

When Kevin and I started studying for our Personal Image Consultant certification, I never expected that what I would learn would change how I feel about me.  I could not have imagined all of the technicalities involved with dressing your best for your body type.  The biggest item that I learned, which changed how I felt in clothing, was how to dress for my proportions.  I learned that my legs are actually considered short in proportion with the rest of my body (this threw me for a loop) and that my torso is long. This has always been a frustration for me, but I didn't understand why until now. I always thought I had a short waist and it was just the opposite, my waist is in exact proportion to my body.  Because I did not understand this, I would wear baggier, longer, gathered at the hips shirts which did not define my waist and, of course, camouflaged, especially when I wore jeans, any flab that I felt uncomfortable with. What I have since learned is that I should be wearing a more mid-rise jean, tucking my shirts in and blousing them over.  This is especially effective with skirts, as they tend to sit right at my waist.  This, in turn, elongates my legs and defines my waist.  Because I am also a rectangle body shape, my waist needs definition.  We will save basic body shapes for another blog. These new discoveries have opened up a whole "new" closet to me as I started to put together outfits I would never have put together before. But the best part was when I put on one of the "new" outfits and felt absolutely amazing!  I told Kevin how surprised and excited I was about this and that I couldn't wait to help others feel the same!  What challenges do you find yourselves facing when it comes to feeling your best when you dress?IMG_1727

This is one of the new outfits that I created.

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  1. You look great, Honey! My challenge has been my casual look, and I am working on fixing it right now. It has been fun learning all of this new stuff, and quite enjoyable watching your style transform and become more honed and owned!

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